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10 Years
Apr 29, 2009
Northeastern Michigan
I have a young under a year old chocolate runner duck who has gone broody on me. it’s a bad time to let her try and hatch her eggs I know but by the time I found the nest it was too late. I have candled the eggs and they are developing. Should I do anything to help the duck or her eggs besides moving her and her nest. She has the eggs is a high walled feather lined nest and seems to be a very devoted mom. Also the father is a lavender runner moms a chocolate what color would any hatched ducklings be?
Dont know what to say but congrats hope this bumps you
As Wifezilla's question suggests... it can be difficult to successfully move a mother and nest and have her continue to sit. If she is somewhere that is not safe it may be better to see if you can put a shelter around her where she is, and then move here somewhere better once the babies have actually hatched.
The nest is in a safe secluded spot in the coop, where I couldn't even see it I was just worried I live in northern MI and it gets cold here quick, plus she is a young duck and a runner I've heard runners don't make good mothers So I just wondered if I should try and bring her inside or confine her or something so the ducklings stay warm when they hatch, I don't want her running off when they start to come out of the shells and them freezing to death.

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