Mothergoose, BamaChicken, HenHaven, They're HERE! (PICS)


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All in great shape and extras to boot! LOTS of extras, wow! Christie, they are just as gorgeous as I knew they would be. Thank you so much-you be looking for my letter in the mail in a few days. And if I can help you with another 4H or class project, please let me know.
Lynn, just like last time, you did a great job packing these up and you are a great friend. More Ameraucanas!
Julie...what to say about Miss Julie! Oh sweet to send all the extras! I have a few questions about your markings, if you don't mind. Are the extras Buff Orps or Blue Orps? It looks more like BL than BO on the eggs, but either one is perfectly wonderful by me! The "RIR" is obvious, but a couple weren't marked at all...mystery eggs! I'm sure I'll know what they are when they pop out, though, LOL. There was a RM? Couldntt read it exactly or was it RC for RoseComb? Anyway, it looks different from "RIR". Oh, never mind-I see that you just wrote fast, LOL. And what is "S"? That does not look like a Silkie egg, possibly a Splash Orp? If so, I didn't realize you had any of them separated, but if you did, THANK YOU! You know how much I covet your splash hen, LOL.
All three were packed differently. All three arrived in shipshape-Julie's box was crunched a bit on one end, but as far as I can tell, there are no cracks in any eggs. Awesome job, ladies! But I expected as much from you three.
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Now Cyn!
You got all them eggs?
Now that ain't fair.
What you gonna do with that many eggs and varities. Egg salad?
Here I am with a bator due any minute and not one single egg to put in it.
Oh well, life ain't always fair is it?
I can't wait to see what you get in 3 weeks from all of them. Good luck with the hatch.
And that isn't all that's coming, either. Jody is sending Buff Orpingtons next week, plus I may also be getting some Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas, depending on if the hens are laying. Here's the collection I spent time unwrapping today-wish the pic did them justice. Sorry, the second pic is wide, so refresh to see the whole thing:


Roger, my flock will be complete for years to come, as long as this hatch goes well. I do have one repeat customer that I will grow out a Welsummer and Buff Orp pullet for and another customer who wants some chicks, but I will pick my pullets out first, then see how many are left.
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You may have a mystery egg. If it is its a Orp of some sort. I wrapped so many eggs that nite I can't swear that I didn't get a wrong egg in the box. Hope you get a good hatch and some very pretty RIR's I went and saw some grandchicks today that are about three months old and wow they were so pretty. I am hatching me some for the following season.

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