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  1. Hi,

    I have 2 cayuga ducklings. male and female called trouble and honey! i was just experimenting and i got a chicken egg and put it in fron of honey. she pecked at it and to my suprise tryed to shove it under her!! soo cute [​IMG] she couldnt becuase she was not big to have it under her butshe surely tried! shes only 2 weeks and so is her trouble!!
    i love them much and will love if you post some stories about your ducks and if possible maybe you could post some pics of your super pippy ducks!
    ~bye!!!!! [​IMG]

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    Jan 11, 2010
    How cute.. They really do have such wonderful character dont they. I love watching their funny antics- and even just watching them laying around the yard asleep.

    I have so many stories... But will relate the following as it also involves eggs and babies.

    I recently took a just hatched duckling out to see how the older ducks who are laying or broody would react. Flippy- a duck who is laying- and kind of broody (but I keep taking her eggs as I dont want her to sit). She took a good look at the duckling then rushed of and sat on her nest. It was funny - and I almost tried popping the baby under her to see what would happen - but it was so new I didnt want to risk it.

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