"Mothering" the younger girls


12 Years
Apr 14, 2007
I have two Ameraucanas (30 weeks old) and 2 EE (26 weeks old) all pullets! The blue Ameraucana is really small but she looks after the much larger other girls...Tonight, as I sat outside the coop and watched them as they slowly came up around the coop (as they always do just before entering for the night). It was getting darker and the first ones in the coop are always my little flock of colored egg layers (even tho they aren't laying yet...
), As usual, they all went into the coop but... a few minutes later out came the two EE , pecking around, drinking water and eat the grass that grows in front of the run.....Well, out comes Myrtle (the blue Am), she runs over to one of the EE girls and pecks her real hard and then runs over to the other EE and tries to peck her but the EE takes off into the coop with Myrtle in hot pursuit! They all jumped up on the roost and settled down...I had to laugh out loud!!!
To me, it looked just like a mother running her children in the house (with a switch) , after they had ALREADY been told it was time to come in.... These girls are a flock with in a flock... They roost, eat, scratch and roam together...And Myrtle is the 'granny' of the whole bunch...She reminds me of Granny Clampett......

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