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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by LeJeune1, Jan 30, 2013.

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    I purchased 12 Delaware chicks last friday. The breeder said they were 4 days old. I have a phoenix hen that has been wanting to hatch, but I havn't let her yet. I put her on cement eggs and planned to give the chicks to her. She would have NOTHING to do with them. I will try again as I have a small order of day old chicks coming next week. But I had another trick up my sleeve. . .

    I had 2 Dutch hens with chicks 8+ weeks old. I decided to see if they would adopt the Dellies. They were both willing. I was so proud! But to my dissapointment- - the chicks didn't respond to their motherly clucks. The hens are still with them and still try , they cluck for bugs and food, and are protective, but they don't sleep with them. . . I guess they were too old to bond with a mother figure?
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    I would but them under her every night. They will figure it out. The only problem you lght have is that the older chicks are 8 weeks just about the time a hen will stop caring for them. She may abandon them. I've done that but the older chicks were only a week old. Good luck.
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    try them under her at night. it can NOT BE LIGHT AT ALL. Lol, i once had some chicks ot put under 'momma' and thought, well its almost dark, why not? as soon as she saw them she attacked them. i quickly got them out and decided to try again when there was 0 light. i did, and she accepted them, that was the 7th of January, and they are still fine together. :)

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