Mottled bantam cochins...difficult to incubate/hatch???

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  1. OK...I'm about to give up. I've had about 8 mottled bantam cochin eggs...maybe more...I've lost count...and I haven't been able to hatch any of them. They usually quit sometime between day 5 and day 16 or so. I've gotten them from 3 different breeders so I don't think inbreeding is the issue.

    Is this a particularly difficult color of cochin to hatch? I have 2 gorgeous roos and 1 hen and would like to increase my flock. So luck.

    I've also had some difficulty with white. I've only been able to hatch one white so far. I do have one in the bator that is day 9.

    I can hatch gold laced, blues, black, frizzles, reds, buffs, silver penciled, etc...but NOT MOTTLED. Help!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I have never had a problem hatching Mottleds. I just hatched some for a friend a couple weeks back and one is a frizzle mottled. Are you getting the eggs from the same person? Where they shipped during a heat wave?
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    You could try McMurray for chicks next year. I have seen some very nice mottled cochin bantams come from them. Also they have some nice whites. And they have some excellent frizzles. I heard through the grapevine that people have shown the cochins bantams they got from MM and won some prizes.

    Also a silkie or two may come in handy [​IMG]
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    how about some info on your incubator or technique of hatching?might be helpful. my cochins are the easiest by far to hatch, except one batch and i know it was a problem w/ humidity not the eggs.
  5. Hi!
    Mottled Cochins have never been difficult to hatch here.
    Interesting that MMcM mott Cochin chicks are looking good.
  6. I have gotten the eggs from 3 different breeders, so I don't think it's that. I can hatch partridge cochins out the wazoo!!

    I only hatch cochins at this a few silkies...It's not the cochins...just the mottled and white.

    If my luck doesn't turn around, I guess I'll order some from mcMurray. Thanks for the tip!!

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