Mottled Houdan and Standard Crevecoeur


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Aug 21, 2011
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Hi everyone!

Putting my feelers out there for anyone that knows of breeders of Mottled Houdans (I'm open to other type Houdans but prefer motts) and Standard Crevies.... I prefer to NOT go through commercial hatcheries for these specific breeds. I'd like hatching eggs BUT if they are chicks or live birds I'm absolutely willing and able to drive to pick up. **If said breeders don't want "pick up" on site due to bio safety I totally understand and can meet offsite aswell
** Don't want to ship these specific breeds live on top of the fact that I reside in Virginia and the shipping standards are pretty rigorous it seems unfortunately
I understand why, but still.....makes it more difficult....

Thanks soo much for any help or ideas

Contact Heather (Rare Feather Farms) on BYC here. She has Crevecoeurs and bantam White Houdans, however I heard her saying something about LF Whites too but I think she was just talking about someone else owning them.

You're putting your feelers out to some very rare breeds, especially the Houdan. The only remaining I know of who has good quality LF Houdans is Duane Urch.

And yeah I know....... unfortunately I've come across people that have only had bantam sized of everything..... when I'm desperately trying to get standards......that or they are from hatcheries and are not exactly what I would consider true to their species.... sooo "watered" down...... I truly just want to help with their numbers, awareness, and I adore them.
I have family in France that still have them but importing is SUCH a pain in the butt............. So I'm hoping I can find a strain of them here in the Americas before I put myself through the ringer of the importation process
If I do end up doing the later, I'll def let people know in case they wanted in on it

I have a standard size mottled hen and several eggs in the bator that I just bought. I would be intersted in selling them after they hatch. I am wanting to focus more on my Silkies. I just love my hen, she is very sweet and loves to be held. I live in Southern Maryland.
oh my goodness you are amazing! and CLOSE!
yes yes yes i would love to speak with you more about this. where did you get the eggies?? this would be wonderful and also help me in my venture. that way i will only have to focus on importing mainly the crevies *ive already started the paperwork process... bah* i can still probably bring over a few motts to strengthen the line but you have no idea how happy youve made me right now. its been tough trying to find the right houdans... ;-) will msg you more once i get home
thanks again

btw if you are planning on focusing on silkies i will likely be getting hatching eggs from Kelar a little later this month in case youd like any of them pre hatch or after. she has some stunning fluffs

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