Mottled leghorn rooster x white leghorn hen

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    hi all
    I bred a black leghorn rooster with white leghorn hen and the result was two white with few spots of black pullets. now if I breed these two pullets with a mottled leghorn what colour will the offspring be? I would like some mottled leghorns or exchequer.

    I also have a blue leghorn hen if I breed her with the black leghorn rooster im guessing ill get 50 blue and 50 black, would this be right? also if I bred her with the mottled leghorn would the outcome be the same? i also have a brown pullet which looks leghorn but im not sure so if i bred her with the mottles leghorn would the chicks be mottled?
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    Mottled leghorn x ( black x white leghorn) = F1 white leghorns and F1 black leghorns ( you may hatch mottled birds if the white leghorn parent carried mottling)

    To get more mottled birds you will have to back cross the F1 black offspring with a mottled leghorn and some of the offspring will be mottled

    black x blue = black and blue offspring you are correct

    blue x mottled = black and blue offspring you are correct

    brown pullet x mottled rooster = black offspring only no mottled offspring
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