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    Jun 24, 2011

    This is a pic of my Mottley crew of chickens. All from the same poppa[red star],top to bottom,red star momma,white rock momma,2 from silver laced winedot hen and last from a white leghorn hen. Im thinking of breeding them. In general roosters are better to carry their genes to the next generation correct ? Im not going to breed the red star hen [top] really no need. Ditto the white rock roo.Now the silver laced winedot hens, they are absolutely hugh. they are the biggest hens Ive ever seen. their about 5 or 6 months old now [pic is earlier, 3 or 4 months]they tower over their father and the RIR roo I have.Do you all have any ideas what I should breed them to ? I have a SLW rooster, how about a Red-blue winedot or maybe back to their father[red star] Im trying to pass on their size.As for the leghorn[roo]Im thinking about breeding him to a light sussex for an egg laying machine.? Wow this is fun. Pce Herb
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