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    Apr 7, 2015
    We have had chickens for 5 years now. 2 that are 5 are moulting. Am in U.K. And the weather here is autumn / fall with highs of 13 C and lows of around 11, last week went down to 7C.
    Why do they start moulting as temp drops? We have 4 18mth old true breeds and 2 of them are beginning to moult.
    In the last 2 months we have had 1-2 eggs each day. Our youngest 6 months old may have given us an egg or 2 but shell isn't formed properly.
    Why so few eggs?

    I'm doing all that's required and giving them weekly dose of ACV?
    Why moult now?

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    The molt as well as less eggs is triggered by shortening length of daylight.

    They are using their energy to make new feathers at the expense of making eggs.

    I don't think ACV effects either of these processes.

    RE: improper shells - if you mean soft or without shells - make sure she's getting enough Calcium.
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    What and how exactly are you feeding?
    Do you free range?

    They need extra protein to grow new feathers faster.

    ACV....I can never remember if it inhibits or helps the uptake of calcium.
    IMO the best bet is to not to give it.
  4. ACV is supposed to help as a stress reliever....I never use it.....Lots of unfounded things posted about Chickens that are of no use really to the Bird....Like feeding Yogurt to a sick Bird....Chickens cannot process dairy...It will cause runny poop....Others suggest to give your sick bird other types of feed...They only need regular feed and fresh water.......

    During a moult when eggs stop...Feed a grower/all flock raiser....Keep out the oyster shell, they will only eat it if needed...

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    This is normal, and chickens will not die from molting in cold weather if they are healthy birds in my experience. The short day lengths trigger it, as stated above, and I think the cold weather makes for a good feathers. If you add light, you will get more eggs, but a better idea is to freeze excess summer eggs to get you through the long dark days of winter.

    I agree strongly with the above posts. In my opinion, but best advantage to ACV in water is that it possibly limits the bacterial or algae growth in the water. Truthfully, I don't think it does anything toward the health of the bird. Best is good commercial feed and clean water, some grains and kitchen scraps in moderation.

    Mrs K

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