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    I feel kinda stupid asking this. I've only had chickens for about 5 years now. How long does it take a chicken to moult and do they stop laying. I have 11 layers but only get 6 to 9 eggs a day. My two oldest hens appear to be moulting (one is bare on her belly and vent area). [​IMG]
    Also, how long will a hen lay. My oldest pair of hens (Red Stars) are 2 years old now.
    I know I could probably look all this up myself, or read that book thats been collecting dust for a couple years now, but.........................guess I'd rather hear it from "real" people. [​IMG]
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    Molting time varies on the individual hen. Mine completed their molts in 2 to 6 weeks.
    The first two years are said to be their most productive years, but they do continue to lay well past that; just not as much.

    What concerns me about your post is where you said:
    "one is bare on her belly and vent area"
    I don't think that's a typical molt presentation. I had a hen go bare on her belly when she was thinking of going broody and my hens are a bit bare around the vent from egg laying, but....
    Have you checked for mites?
    ETA: And yes, they typically stop laying while molting although I have one girl that continued to lay right thru it.
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