Mountain Lion?

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  1. The only predator that I know of for sure that has attacked on our property is a mountain lion. A couple of years ago before we owned the place, a cat attacked one of the horses here. It did not end well for the horse. Can chicken coops be made safe from cougars? Will electricity do it?
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    We have them (mountain lion) here as well as black bear, fox, coyote, raccoon, possum, rat, weasel, domestic dog, bob cat and so on.

    1/2 inch hardware cloth covering all opening... and an E-wire placed properly work well! Lock up every night.

    By far with all the predators I have... the most likely to attack (here) is raccoon during the night.

    Day time GROUND predators SO FAR have been deterred by my own activity coupled with that of my dogs. I did lose a few chicks to a hawk.

    Good luck! :fl
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