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    May 25, 2010
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    Hello! I've got lots of finches in breeding pairs and colonies and hope to have several babies available for the late 2010 year and early 2011. I've no idea how to post pictures, as I am not online much, but I can tell you that they are beautiful. I incubate my own finch eggs and hand feed the babies until they are ready for new homes! I do not sell the babies until they can eat bird seed and have all of their feathers, I usually sell them long after that when they are not considered a "baby" anymore.

    Gouldian Finches
    Price: $100-200 depending on colors, mutations and gender
    Current Breeding Stock: 2 Pairs
    Availability: Babies Sold Out

    Painted Finch
    Price: $200
    Current Breeding Stock: 1 Pair
    Availability: Not Currently Laying

    Zebra Finch
    Price: $15
    Current Breeding Stock: 5 Pairs
    Availability: Hens are laying, Soon

    Owl Finch
    Price: $130
    Current Breeding Stock: 1 Pair
    Availability: Babies Sold Out

    Star Finch
    Price: $100
    Current Breeding Stock: 1 Pair
    Availability: Not laying right now

    Society Finch
    Price: $15
    Current Breeding Stock: 4 Pairs
    Availability: All hens laying, Soon

    Coming soon: White Canaries!

    SHIPPING: I prefer pick up or to meet halfway (if you live in Texas,) otherwise I CAN ship to you via overnight mail. I prefer to have at least four finches in the box because of the time and effort it takes to ship.

    If you are still reading, then congratulations. You and your family get a 10% discount. Don't mention this in posts, because I want to see if everyone reads all this or not.

    I will update as soon as babies are available or when changes occur.

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    Jan 4, 2009
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    OMG. I want some Gouldian Finches, but don't have the money for them. Beautiful birds!

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