Mountain Retreat is done! :)

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    Thanks to this site along with months of research and planning, our coop and run are DONE. And yes, it did take a lot longer than expected. Originally I wanted to remodel a large dog house that I found on Craigslist, but due to some family emergencies, we ended up purchasing our coop from a local builder. The run, however, was my own design (inspired by many of you) and I built the panels in my garage over the course of about a month. Luckily we have a friend with a backhoe and he dug the holes for the posts. Our ground is very rocky so burying wire to prevent digging was not an option so I went with a 30” hardware cloth skirt all around. Top and sides of run are all ½” hardware cloth. Added a natural branch perch plus a couple of tiered perches inside and they love the high one. Thanks again to everyone on this forum for some great inspiration!





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    Great work! Your chickens must be very happy campers
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    That looks great! You guys did a beautiful job!

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