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    Dec 4, 2010
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    I got great responses about the pop door, but I have one more question for those of you who have nesting boxes accessible from the outside. I have looked at some photos, but I am trying to figure out how to mount the boxes to the side of the coop. Is the plywood screwed into the side of the wall stud? Is that enough support? Does anyone have photos of a 4 nest box mounted?
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    I have a two-nest rollaway nest box. There's a hole in the wall of the coop (built without studs, by the way) and the box is inserted through it, then I have boards nailed on the outside of the box form, inside the coop, to hold it.

    Inside view.

    Ouside view
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    I just made my nest boxes out of 1/2" plywood for this one and cut out the hold so that the nest boxes lined up with the frame of the coop. On the interior I added 2x4's for the birds to have a larger area to walk on to get into the nest boxes. I used long nails to go from the inside of the coop from the frame to the nest box. Plenty of support. Then I just used foam to seal up any spots where air could get through (I'm no carpenter and hubby was frantic enough when I used power tools [​IMG] ) Here's some pics.


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    Mine is a 3 box model with attached storage. (Actually, I changed the storage access to the outside.) It easily could have been 4 slots without the storage. I just screwed it into the sides of the structural 2x4's.
    Inside view showing privacy curtains.
  6. daniel-delarosa

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    Here is mine, it is six foot long with one divider.

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    I frame in the opening on the coop. Then, build the box so that it's dimensions are 1/4 inch shorter and 1/4 inch thinner on width. Then slide it in place and screw it to frame. My frame on coop is usually 2x4, but I try to use 2x6 for the bottom of the opening so the nestboxes have more of a ledge to rest on.

    My BYC page has pictures of frame, inside and outside nestbox pictures.


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