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    Feb 1, 2007
    I hope someone out there can help me. I figure I have luck here since most of us live out in the country with mice and had a go around with mice before. Here is the situation:

    We live in a double wide,over the winter I heard something scratching under the floor. Hubby said he will die in a couple of days. I was uneasy but I did not hear anymore. Now we did have mice problems years back but we plugged up all the holes from the plumbing lines. I could not believe the huge drill holes they made to feed the lines from under the house to the sinks ect.

    Anyhoo, one day when the heater/ac kicked on this awful smell shooted out of one of the vents. Yeah the smell of death. It was that time for our HVAC guy to come and service the items. Well, he said everything was fine that he put some kind of germicide through the system and said the smell will go away. It did not. I called another company that cleaned ducts (my HVAC guy did not do this). Guys came out with a camera, saw the dead mouse and he made a nest also. Well they got the mouse out. They brought in this huge vacuum thing and sucked the ducts out and the Tech assured me it will get nest stuff out. ( On a side note: I do not think getting the ducts cleaned for that kind of money is worth it). They even put a fog germicide through my system also.

    Ok went out of town came back and the smell is still around. Called the company. Tech is coming out to make sure the nesting is all gone. He claims it is but I want to double check. Here is the kicker: He proceeded to tell me that most likely the smell from the decaying mouse was absorb by the flex duct. (yeah he had to be on the flex section not the metal) and would have to cut that section out and replace with new flex duct. $$$$$$$$$$$

    So is there a way to solve this without going into cutting the underbelly and replace HVAC duct work? I was thinking just buying Lysol cans and spray down there till it is all gone. In back of my head I am thinking did the mouse eat through the duct work and more will come. Also the health risk from the smell.

    Did anyone out there had a smiliar problem and how did you deal with it. Can mice eat through the metal. My HVAC guy said no, but the other Tech said yes. The expose flex duct from under the house has no holes. Good chance the hole is hidden by the underbelly.

    After this is resolved getting a Exterminator before the fall. Anyone know a good one here in Central VA. I mean someone you can trust and very goooooood.

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    How much did he want to charge you to replace the flex duct ?
    The flex duct will not absorb the smell unless it has a hole and that would be hard to tell if it does.
    You can buy the flex duct at Home depot and it's not that hard to install. Just a few screws and duct tape.
    Your ducting in the floor is metal or fiber board and mice and rats can chew though both ( I know you said yours is metal but this may help others ).
    If you have mice and / or rats around they will get in the floors walls and ceiling.
    good luck

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    All i can say is... the smell will eventually go away... the little body will dry up and not smell anymore.
    Soo... its up to up you if you can deal with it in the mean time...
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    You could have the duct work ozoned. That would break down the mouse faster by oxidizing it and shortening the time that it would smell.

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