Mouth/tongue sores, no scales on feet, painfully thin- where to start??

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    Apr 18, 2012
    I have a 10 week old with MULTIPLE issues, I have been scouring the forums and I am trying to pin down what it may be so I can give the best treatment. Need poultry expertise here!

    So she has always been on the small side (she's a speckled sussex). For the past few days I have noticed she won't go up to the roost at night, I find her "crying" in the corner. She is SIGNIFICANTLY smaller than her brothers and sisters. So today I did a full look-over and was shocked by how many problems she has:

    - VERY thin, skin and bone. She eats ALL the time, so I am thinking worms?
    - Almost NO scales on her feet, legs very pale (anemic I'm assuming). Feet with sores due to thin skin.
    - Several mouth sores, and one on her tongue I had to pick off with tweezers
    - A lot of ear wax in her ears
    - Vent appeared red and puffy and had dried fecal matter stuck to it.
    - Very dry skin, also with some patches of yellow

    So after this I immediately felt guilty for not knowing how bad off she was. I gave her a nice warm bath and got the fecal matter off her vent. This left the area very raw, so I put neosporin on it. I was able to get the yellow scaly 'stuff' off her body. Also cleaned out her ear, removed coating off tongue and crusty sores in/on mouth (these areas bled afterward).

    I want to know what approach I should take, I am thinking definitely worming, but I don't think all of her problems are related to worms (?).

    I know many would cull but I want to give this little girl a fighting chance.
    Thanks for the advice!
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    How would you feel if whatever your hen has would spread to your other birds? A lot of diseases can be transmitted to other birds on your person as well. Think biosecurity. It would be best to cull her.
  3. oatsbgoats

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    Apr 18, 2012
    The chicken has been quarantined completely. I really just wanted some pointers as to what people might think is wrong given the multiple issues. I have quite literally brought a chicken back from the dead before (she is now one of my most beautiful and vital chickens) so I learned to not give up unless I tried everything. At least want to try worming meds along with maybe flagyl? Assuming the tongue and mouth sores are cankers? Was really wondering about the feet without scales. I can't find anything about that anywhere.
  4. ten chicks

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    May 9, 2013
    Based on description it does sound like your girl may have fowl pox(wet)many use iodine to treat lesions,use a q-tip dipped in iodine and gently dab on lesions. Her weight loss could be a result of not being able to eat b/c of mouth lesions.Try adding water to feed so it resembles oatmeal this might make it easier for her to eat,you could also give vitamins(polyvisol infant drops without iron,or similar product). Not sure about scales issue,unless it is b/c she is so run down. You may have to tube feed her if she cannot eat.
  5. oatsbgoats

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    Apr 18, 2012
    Thank you so much! The iodine has already made a difference. We have been tube feeding her and she already looks perkier. Will just wait and see. Went ahead and wormed her as well, just in case that was why she wasn't absorbing any nutrients. The scaled thing has been since she was born....really weird, I really cannot find anything about it online. Here's to miracles! Thanks for your advice!

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