move to new coop causes melt-down. Buff Orp goes mad!!


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Jul 10, 2009
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so, sweet, mild mannered little Glinda, has gone mad! they moved into the new, improved coop last friday. everyone is adjusting well...laying in the new boxes, etc. when i let them out to roam in the evenings, Glinda puffs up to twice her size, picks out another hen, runs full speed towards her, circles around and around the target hen (still puffed up), until finally the target hen gets fed up and attacks her (screeches), after which she un-puffs, and runs full-speed back to me. she puts me between her and the aggrevated hen. things calm down for a few minutes, and the whole thing begins again with a different target. what the heck is she doing?! this is soooo out of character for her. any suggestions?


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Mar 11, 2010
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I know nothing. Please keep that in mind!
Obviously, Glinda has some issues, and maybe a little time out in a safe place inside the coop but with some wire separating her from the others might help her calm down. It sounds like she feels threatened by everybody but you at this time.

My baby buffs are the terror of my little 3 week old flock, doing the puff and charge all the time. Maybe it's just the way they are?!?


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Oct 19, 2009
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ummm, has she been making weird noises? Mine started to that and made really strange noises, then she went broody. If she starts sitting on her eggs all day then you know you got a broody
That could be it, but she could also just need a little solitary confinement.

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