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    Aug 23, 2008
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    I am currently thinking about getting into the chicken business. I was raised on a farm and we always had plenty of chickens, so this isnt entirely new to me, altho i havent raised any chickens in over 30years. My target is to raise layers as well as meat. I am planning on about 20 hens with a couple of roosters. This number might increase/decrease overtime.

    My questions involve Constructing a moveable coop and run, by that I mean something that I can tow around my field with a tractor, weight isnot an issue. My thoughts are for a 10X20 fenced run for around 200sqft of free range area, but I havent decided how big to built the coop or a proper design for that many chickens. I plan on parking the pen near electricty during the winter months, but the rest of the time it will be in the middle of about 3 acres of field. I plan on moveing the encloseure at least every other day to prevent total vegitation removal. After a few suggestions from the membership here, I am sure I will have many more questions reguarding proper construction.

    Another question I have concerns the grass type that would be most benefitual to the chickens. The area in question is currently a dirt fill area comprised of deep subsoil, and is in need of vegitation. My thoughts as to a covercrop is to plant Orchardgrass, fescue, and Durana Clover. I will be taking care of any soil quality issues before planting. I know chickens will pick grassy plants for food, but dont know how the addition of clover to the foodplot will effect egg laying or the health of the chickens in general. My thoughts are the better quality the plant resources, the less need for supplimental rations.

    Thats all my questions for now, so lets hear ideals and suggestions.

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