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Jul 9, 2014
We have had many layers for several years. This was the first year I've had a hen go broody. I checked a couple of weeks ago, and she did not have eggs under her. Instead of trying to break her, I gathered some eggs from a different nest box. (We have 3 roosters and from what I can tell, they seem to be doing their job!) Last night we moved her to her a separate broody box we made. We did it when it was dark and she was sleepy, but she was still not happy, and didn't want to stay in the box - which is similar to a rabbit cage, one end has a nest box, she walks out into her own little pen of enclosed chicken wire. We blocked the nest box entrance to keep her in, because she didn't want to stay. Was that a good idea? Bad idea? I candled the eggs last night, she had one that wasn't developed and 6 that were. She's been on these eggs for 12 days. I certainly don't want her to give up now.
In the meantime my bantam Easter Egger has gone broody too - she has 8 eggs under her - 3 of her own beautiful blue eggs!
The main issue is whether your broody has calmed down and is actually sitting on the eggs. If not, then I'm not sure what you can do. I would not consider it a disaster, since you have another broody. Multiple broodys can be a headache, unless you have the space and set up to accommodate each hen and their chicks (and preferably within the main coop).
I removed her "trap" this morning and she was sitting nicely on her eggs. Her little pen is within the large pen, so she's among the other girls still.
Our first hatch!!! Not sure if she has another one under her or not. She had 6 eggs. She kicked one egg out, and the shell of an egg was outside the nest today. I'm anxious for her to start walking around with them.


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