Moved chicks to coop - lost one overnight


8 Years
May 6, 2011
We moved our 9-week-old chicks to their coop last night. They have done well in our basement without their heat lamp for a few weeks and the Minnesota 30-degree nights seem to be behind us for the year ::knocking on wood::

The move went as well as it could have. They were pretty worked up, but were VERY excited when they saw the straw and hay in their new coop. After it got dark, I saw they had all laid down in a pile in a corner of the coop. My hubby checked on them thru the window late at night with his night-vision. They all seemed to be resting peacefully in a heap in the corner.

I went in this morning, and a chick was dead in that corner. Maybe she suffocated under all the other chicks? Maybe the stress of the move was too much for her? I just don't know. Her position did not indicate any stress or fear at the time of death according to my more experienced husband.

We buried her right outside the coop next to the chick I lost at three days old from this same flock. She was one of our Brahmas, but I could not tell them apart. We called them all Old Man because that is what they look like. So goodbye, Old Man, rest in peace.


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Feb 2, 2009
Southeast Louisiana
My sympathies. I seriously doubt it was the temperature at 9 weeks that caused the death. I moved my 4-1/2 week old chicks and poults out yesterday to the grow-out coop and they are fine. I can't imagine a 9 week old having problems with the temperature like you desribed.

I suspect the chick was not that healthy to start with and something related to the move or new location stressed it enough to kill it. I've lost chicks like that for no apparent reason. I really think they just were not healthy. It's unfortunate that when you deal with lining animals you sometimes have to deal with dead animals.


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May 4, 2011
Madisonville, KY
Sorry for your loss.
Had you been taking them out to the coop during the day? I read somewhere that chicks need to be eased into a big change like moving to the coop, kind of like hardening off plants. Maybe the shock was too much for her. Hopefully the rest will adjust more easily.

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