moved eggs - will broody hen find them?

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    Jul 3, 2011
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    I'm pretty new to chickens and totally new to broodies.

    We have four cozy nesting boxes in our coop. Only two hens are laying, but they both use the same box (the funniest was seeing the two hens and the rooster piled into one box. They've since lightened up.). One hen went broody so we let her keep two eggs, but of course the other hen gives her a new one each day. We marked the eggs we hoped will hatch and collect the new one daily.

    While the broody was up and about yesterday, we moved her eggs to a different nest box so that we won't have to move her every evening. After her break she went into her favourite nest and we had to move her. Today the same thing. She expects her eggs to be in her favourite box

    If she does this tomorrow she'll lose her eggs because we won't be here to set her in the right place.

    My questions:
    Will the broody find her eggs in the different nesting box (after two days of sitting there) or will she continue to go to her favourite?
    Should we just put her and her eggs back in her favourite box and disturb her nightly to get any new deposits?
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    She won`t go looking for them. Best to mark her eggs and remove the fresh ones daily........Pop
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    I agree with Pop.

    Your other option is to lock her in a new nest with just enough room to go poop and to have food and water and leave her locked in there. The risk with this is that she might break from being broody. I'd do what Pop suggested.

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