Moved girls to the coop today (Michigan)


Mar 18, 2018
Hey guys moved my girls to the coop today. It wasn't my ideal day to do it, but with Easter tomorrow the house and basement will be full while we entertain the guests. The 4 girls are just shy of 5 weeks. Unfortunately the weather today is rainy and slightly chilly at 48 degrees. I have the coop full of bedding about 3 1/2-4 inches of wood shavings. All doors and windows are sealed to keep any drafty air out. They've been out about about 2 hours now and when I checked them they seemed content. Not peeping for help or shivering. All roosting on the indoor bars. Should I allow nature to take its course? What's the earliest and coldest you've moved a flock out without a broody mother.
I moved mine out a month ago at 5 weeks. We had lows in the 30s and they did fine. We had rain and they knew to go in the coop. We had a freeze and they went outside happily.
Yours will be fine. Do not seal off the ventilation. It's important to have ventilation.
Good luck...
Our chicks are just over 5 weeks and chewed a large hole in their brooder box on Thursday night - we're in MN. I put them out into their coop Friday morning and when the heat of the day picked up (mid 30s) I opened the coop door and they were happy to roam in the run. Last night it snowed 2 inches and the high today was 27F - I opened the coop door just to get them some more air and lo and behold they wandered out into the covered run happily.
I did put a heat lamp in the coop for while they're so young and the run has wind barriers about 2ft up all the way around. They seem much happier outside.
My bantams had to be moved back in. They did NOT like when it dropped to the 20's. Found out by Black Pullet is a Black Sex Link/Black Star. She has red feathers growing on her neck and head now. Her and Alabama, My RIR, are loving it outside! They've been staying in the coop but I coaxed them out with some fresh worms today. They're running around scratching the ground, being typical happy chickens. My daughters are eating it up!
Just bought 6 more straight run Ameraucana chicks today, it'll be quite a few weeks before they're let outside. Dang just when I thought I could take the brooder down! I just couldn't help myself though

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