moved into the coop tonight!


12 Years
Aug 2, 2010
i moved the babies into the coop tonight, i have one adult hen in there and she was fine with them. my only concern was how they were literally burrying themselves in the shavings! like really burrying lol but just fluffing around. is this ok? i know it might sound silly to be concerned but it was just kind of odd. and they are fully feathered and not cold, they havent had heat for some time now, and its quite warm tonight.
If you're sure they aren't cold then they are probably just being chickens, i.e., nuts. I'd be awful worried about them being alone with that single hen though, unless proper introductions have already been made.
she came down off the roost and mingled with them a bit, got a bite to eat then went back up to the roost. she repeated this one time then it was lights out so she didnt make me too worried, i will watch cloesly tomorrow though.

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