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    Hi y'all. I have 6 chicks that are 7 weeks old. I moved the out of my brooder box with heat to a brooder box coop (separated but adjoining my main coop) with no heat. The chicks go in and out fine during the day. But every evening they pile up in the corner by the door. I have been going out each evening and moving them into the brooder and locking them in til morning. Will they eventually get the idea and go on their own at night? Am I making it worse because they know I'm coming? They've been out there a week. How long should I keep them from the fully grown hens?

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    i think you should lock them in the coop every night until they go in on their own.
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    Did you keep them in lockdown, in their new coop space for a few days? If not, put food and water in their coop space and keep them enclosed there for a few days. That should help.

    In terms of integration - you are already on the right track by keeping them in the main coop. Here's a few links that should give you some ideas as to what you can do. There's no harm in mixing and matching ideas from all the links that you find most appropriate to your circumstances.
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    Chicks have a learning curve, just the same as all creatures. Some things are instinctual while others have to be learned through experience.

    I'm watching two one-week old chicks under the tutelage of a broody hen learning to go out of and into their coop, and it's not something even a broody hen can force them to master until they're ready.

    These two chicks of mine would refuse to follow their broody out of the coop until they reached a certain point in their development, and now they have the going out part mastered, they are struggling with the going in part. No matter how much the broody tries to coax them in, they stand outside in the cold like two little dummies until the human mama picks them up and places them on the perch of the pop hole.

    This is what you also need to do until your chicks understand the concept of going in at night. With just this tiny bit of help, your chicks will get it in very short order.

    Also, try a little light in the coop so they will be drawn to the lighter interior as it grows darker outside.
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