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  1. So I had my guinea keets in a brooder until they were fully feathered about 2 weeks ago....I then moved them to a wire 5'x6' x 3' high box in the coop with my 3 silkies....I accidently left the lid my surprise when i went out to shut the pop door...all 7 guinea were sitting on the roosts....I moved 5 back into the box and going to leave 2 out to see what happens tomorrow.....i know they wont go far with the rest still inside the coop...they are 6 weeks old and the same size as the i am [​IMG] hoping things go well....I guess we will see [​IMG]
  2. ok so this morning i let everyone out to free range...all the chickens came out to free range....the two guinea were trying to figure out how to get back in with the others....but would then walk around the coop and back to the others....if this goes well i will let another stay out ...they are a little smaller than the chickens but hoping it works...
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    Good luck, usually people tell you to leave them in the coop longer to impress the idea of "home" on them, but I'm betting yours will probably be OK because they have the chickens to follow home at night in addition to their guinea friends still inside. I hope it works out well for you!
  4. poor things keep looking for a way back in .........I gave them some BOSS and they started eating that and roaming a bit..

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    I let my guineas out into my covered run with the chickens (5 weeks old) but no free ranging yet. I figure another month or so at least before I'll let them out and by then they'll probably refuse to leave the chickens. They stick to my same age chickens like glue..
  6. unfortunately my chickens are older ( by like 3 months) i had them in with the silkies once they feathered out and that was fine....they are the same size as the silkies but i put the silkies in there because they are just not good free rangers......and the roosters were wearing out my 2 silkie hens because they are slower....I am just wanting them to return to the roost on here they said to let one out per day....but i let two out i didn't want the one to get hopefully things will go well so far they are hanging around their flock
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