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Mar 4, 2018
Lancaster, OH
My babies have been moved to the garage. I'm in ohio, and the outside temp tonight is 35° but they're in a garage, and inside a shed in the making (yes there is a shed in our garage lol). The temp in there is reading 54°, they have a momma brooder in there (they seem to prefer to sit on it as opposed to in it), but they're earring & drinking and I covered the top half with a blanket in addition to the towels on the sides. I even added an old pie dish with dirt from the yard for them to dust bathe.

I know many of you do the outside brooding, so I guess I'm just looking for confirmation or suggestions on how to be sure the wee ones are happy. Below are some pictures (Before I draped a blanket on the half away from the light). First time chicken mom, and all i want are healthy happy chicks.


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Mar 11, 2018
This is my first time raising chicks and I'm terrified of leaving them outside. I swear if I could I would bring them in every night.

I'm having a hard enough time deciding on when to lose the heat lamp in the brooder. They are not laying in the heat as much anymore. They are favoring the non heated side. I got enough courage to bring them outside today and boy was I relieved to see how happy they were and not

I look forward to answers do I can make some educated decisions.

Your set up looks fine. I'm sure they are happy and warm.

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