Movin' to Texas- need some advice


8 Years
Jan 17, 2012
Hi all! My family and I are relocating to Texas soon and I need some advice. We are looking at the Austin/Lake Travis/ Dripping Springs areas based on schools. But one of the other reasons we're moving is WE WANT CHICKENS!

Because every area has it's own rules, I am getting a little overwhelmed. We are coming to Austin next week (Jan 24th through 29th) on a scouting trip, and I have contacted a couple of local realtors- but their last concern seems to be my desire to have a couple of feathered friends.

Does anyone have any advice? I cannot seem to find any "ordinances" or laws posted about Lake Travis or Dripping Springs (though I have read the Austin rules). Are DS and LT chicken friendly? We will be renting for the first year or two, then hope to buy some acreage.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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