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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by whillo, Jul 3, 2010.

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    I've had the girls in what I thought was a pretty good sized brooder box for the last 2 weeks, but have been pretty nervous for the last couple of days that they were outgrowing it way too fast. I had NO idea, despite the many pictures I've perused on here, that those little fluff balls would grow so fast. Hubby had all sorts of ideas for bigger quarters, but we broke down today and bought one of the horse troughs. My girls are so happy. I swear I can see them smiling. They fly back and forth in the tub, get on top of the water and feed jars, even use their little roost already.

    Looking at this picture, the tub makes their former 30" x 15" quarters look like a shoebox!

    Now... the next step, to get some kind of a temporary outside coop constructed because our dream home (and dream coop) plans keep finding building snags. Question: If we built a chicken tractor much like Frederick Dunn's, for our 8 girls (4 bantams and 4 standards) and only had them in it until they were about 4 months old, would it be big enough? Fred houses 5 full grown bantams in this one. We need to be able to move it to our land while we build the Queen size coop so they'll have plenty of room in our 6'x8' coop then.

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    I bet there happy as can be [​IMG]
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    Mine have outgrown the brooder too and tonight they will sleep in their big girl coop. I had intended it for my Bantams but the bantams can wait a little and I have pressing need to move the 20 out TODAY!!!!

    Glad all is well with your girls!


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