Moving 1, 500 miles away and want to know how to transport chickens!

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  1. I'm sorry, because I probably wrote this in the wrong forum (I couldn't figure out what it fit under), but anyways, I'm probably moving from RI to FL and want to know how to do this with chickens. They have only been in the car once before, it was like a five minute drive in a cardboard box and they hated it soooo much.So, I have two BO's and I want to know all of the info on what to do.

    They are each going to be a little more than 2.5 years llld at the time of the move and its going to be in January. One of my concerns is its going to be like 30 degree weather here and then like 65 degree weather in FL.

    Also, since the trip is going to take a few days, would I just leave them in the car in a hotel parking lot while I stay at the hotel for the night? And won't they need to stretch their legs?

    Please help me figure out the best way to get them there, how to help them get used to the new living place/ climate, how to keep them as stress free as possible, and what to do in regards to the hotel/ leg stretch situation.
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    I would use a large dog kennel and just keep them in there. Feed and water them using the attached dog bowl that comes with them. I wouldn't risk open the door too much or letting them out. I would leave them in the car with your car windows cracked at night. As long as the can stand up and move a few steps in the crate they will be okay. They also will adapt to the temperature getting warmer. That's how I would do it.
  3. Thank you oldhenlikesdogs for responding. I have also heard of them being in a dark space, so it is like a really long night. Which do you think is better, that or the kennel?
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    Dark usually means poor ventilation, which could be deadly, so I would go with those plastic dog crates with the splits for good air movement. I'm just guessing what would be best as I've never done it before.
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    Personally I would rehome them rather than submit them to the ordeal of such a long move.

  6. I drove 4 hours from an animal show with a few chickens in a dog crate in the back of an SUV with the windows cracked, NEVER again, the smell after the first hours was overwhelming... Overnight and over several days in a vehicle with the windows cracked in an cage that was not immaculate and cleaned regularly would IMO be intolerable..

    If I was moving them that great of a distance it would be in an open air trailer that blocks wind an has a nearly draft free 'floor' area with vents are all up top, like your common horse trailer...

    You could also fabricate a plywood box with high ventilation and drop in on a regular trailer to give the same effect... In addition to the above you could fabricate a small coop box inside the wind block box so they even had more shelter but still had a 'run' area to move around...

    Either way for me, I would do everything I could to avoid having them in the vehicle itself... The cold temps won't hurt them as long as they have a draft free area...
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    I agree - it would be kinder to the birds.

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