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    I am a first time writer and am not sure how go about posting my question. I have a broody hen who is set to have her eggs hatch (if they are fertilized) around August 15th. I have about 16 chickens, total. Two are roosters, Big Daddy and HP (Hen Pecked). I am afraid to leave her in the nest she has been in. Can I move her even though she has been sitting on her eggs for a while now? She was sitting on several eggs before. I did not realize what was happening. I had read and heard that the natural way of hatching eggs has been bred out of chickens. I attempted to use her eggs for breakfast and found two partially formed chicks. She immediately started sitting on several more eggs. I have a bunny cage that is in the front yard. The coop is in our back yard. Can I move her to this, or is it too late?

    I just want healthy baby chicks. I am a hobby farmer and want to have a successful hatch.

    SMK, Nebraska
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    Quote:ok, first your hatch is going to be scattered. The eggs she added later may be abandoned after the others start and finish hatching. You can move her but so it now and at darktime. Place a waterer and chick starter feed in with her in the cage. The way she will settle in easier. If you have read anything on BYC lately its the fact we all have broody hens EVERYWHERE!!! hahaha it will never be bred out of most have 2 weeks to go before anything hatches so you should be fine!! Good luck
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    Moving her may or may not work; she may abandon the nest. Best chance is after dark, and move the whole nest with nesting material along with her. If she's in a container, move that, too. I've had it go both ways. Now I collect eggs for hatching, move her if needed, wait 24 hours to see if she stays on the nest, then set the eggs under her. If she abandons some, there are threads in the Incubating and Hatching forum about emergency methods to try to hatch the rest, like a heating pad and a moist towel; I've never tried this.

    I agree, they have tried to breed broodiness out of these hatchery girls, but it pops up anyway, more often in some breeds than others. Sometimes even in breeds that aren't supposed to go broody at all, like Leghorns.

    Next time you'll be an expert!

    Good luck with this hatch.

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