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    Jul 30, 2008
    My coop was destroyed in the April 22nd tornado here in Missouri fortunately the tool shed survived so I had a place to temp. house the birds.
    The new coop was finished June 16th. I knew there was no reason to attempt to get them in the new coop the first night, so I let them go to roost in the tool shed and moved them two by two to the new coop.
    The next night I closed the door to the tool shed and hoped for the best. Well that didn't work, not one bird went into the new coop. They all stood outside the door of the tool shed. So I tried "herding" them into the new coop, that didn't work too well, if a couple did go in they would take a step or two then freak and run back out. Well after some of the younger ones started flying to the top of the tool shed I gave up. I opened the tool shed door and repeated the process I did the night before.
    The next night I was really hoping against hope that they would have figured it out by now and I wouldn't have to play Noah again that night. So when I walked out at about 8:15 pm I didn't see one chicken standing at the door of the tool shed [​IMG] But I did see four roosting on the roof of the NEW shed, close but no cigar. [​IMG] Well I had to get the garden hose out to get them off there, they were quite content up there. The rest had all gone into the new coop, now we had quite the squabbling that first night as they all tried to determine who would roost where and like children and the chicken over there had a better spot than the chicken over here was going to take it.
    All is well now and they have accepted the new coop as home.

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