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    Our speckled sussex has gone broody. She was sitting on about 7 eggs yesterday. Today shes sitting on 16. That means the other girls are laying in her nest. We want to move her so this doesn't continue. We know you should move her at night, we want to put her in a large dog crate. Can we leave it in the coop so she has company? Also should we close the door on the crate or leave it open so she can come and go. Thank you This is the first time one of our girls has gone broody and we are not sure what to do.
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    Well, ideally I think she would be best off in her own little coop area with food and water. She won't be lonely when she's in turkey mode. If you keep her in the main coup with the door open other hens may still try to lay more eggs with her.
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    We move our hens to rabbit hutches so they have a run with food and water and room to stretch and a closed in side to set on the eggs. We keep the door closed, cause others will go in there and bother her or push her off the nest.

    We move them any time of the day, but only after they are good and broody, usually after two or three days. Have the food and water in the hutch already. My husband will grab her and cover her head and I'll get the eggs and set them up in the hutch nest, then in she goes. They almost always go on the nest right away.

    The dog crate sounds good, but she will need food and water, I would leave her in the pen, with the crate door shut, so she has everyone close by.

    Good luck. It's so much fun to see the moms with their chicks. [​IMG]

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