Moving Broody/mama hen?


12 Years
Oct 19, 2007
Newton, NC
I have 2 broodies with clutches hatching now, started the eggs the same day. I have one moved to a kennel with hardware cloth around the bottom, and the other is in the coop. Tried to put both in the kennel, but the one in the coop now wouldn't have anything to do with it. I'm thinking about moving her to the kennel after the hatch is complete. These 2 hens raised one clutch together last year, I'm still not sure if they shared sitting or if one just decided to help raise them after the other did all the hard work. They are both australorps so I can't tell them apart. Now I can though, I put a blue zip tie on the hen in the coop's leg. So anyone think it will work? I'm hoping that since she has the babies now she will be ok being out of the coop. I'm only worred about these hens being apart for 3 weeks, and them each being protected of their clutch. I'd rather them raise the babies together, but I don't want it to be a fight. Any opinions?
I've always had hens hatch separate clutches and they all free range together without incident. Somehow, they even manage to keep all their prospective chicks!

The last couple of hens I kept in a dog crate with the peeps for the first couple of days, as there are a lot of them. It is common here for the hen to lose a few in free ranging.

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