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    Apr 14, 2014

    I have 17 hens and one rooster that are in a small field of 3000' sq ft. They share with two small goats and a ewe lamb. We have a large garden area that I just finished fencing and want to move the chickens to the garden so they can munch, till, and fertilize before planting.

    My coop is a small portion of a barn that is next to the field, so I just open the door and they pour out to peck and enjoy the day. I tried to herd them the 50' from field to garden the other day but most scattered. I don't have time in the morning to throw seed and have them peck their way across to the garden, then reverse the process at night. I don't want to make a 2nd coop ($ and time) , so decided to make a chicken tunnel on wheels. I would open the coop door, they would go into the "tunnel" and then I would pull it across to the garden and set them free. Has anyone tried something like this? I have searched the internet to no avail for something similar, but can't find anything.

    Is this a viable idea? Building a second coop in the garden would take too long as I want them to get the garden ready, not during the growing season. An actual tunnel would cross a driveway, so I would have to swing part of it away 2 sections of (20') from the driveway so cars, kids on bikes, dogs, horses, etc don't crunch it. Again, a pain.

    I plan on making a frame with 2 x 4s and put 2' of plywood on top for the birds to stand on, then cover that in chicken wire.

    Reasonable, crazy, or brilliant?
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    Probably workable. I envision a wagon with a chicken cage on top that you can pull across, either by hand or maybe with a tractor or some such.

    In the morning you may need to catch some and toss them in if you can’t lure them all with food. You don’t want them to escape the coop/run without going into that cage. You may need to think about that. At night you probably just need to open the garden gate and they will return to the coop on their own at bedtime.

    Are they laying eggs? How are you going to manage that? They may learn to lay outside the coop.
  3. Vocjuved

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    Apr 14, 2014
    I will back it right up to the coop door so they pile right into the moving "tunnel".
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    I sometimes move my 4 around the yard in this. Chickens are suppose to remember for only 2 weeks but I go longer than that between uses but they eagerly enter to go somewhere new. Takes two people to move but it could be put on wheels & you would need a solid bottom so you could move it faster instead of on Chicken Standard Time.

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