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  1. How do I move my hens to a new coop? Do I just stick them in there and let them out every day like normal? How do I do this?
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    You'll need to lock them up in their new coop/run for about a week, so they get the idea that they have a new home. (Otherwise, they will keep going to the old cook each evening, when it's time to roost.) If you're no longer using the old coop, you should close it up so they can't go back in.
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    I would suggest putting them in in the evening. If it has a big run, you might want to leave them in there for a day or two to increased the chances that they will go in to roost on their own. If their old coop is still around they may want to go back to it.
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  4. Thank you! But i guess I didn't describe our situation with the to coops. One is up about a half mile from where the new one is, so i don't think they will go back. And the old coop is going to be for roosters that we are going to butcher. But I think the locking up is a great idea! Thanks![​IMG]

    I was thinking that too, putting them in in the evening would make them more sleepy and notice it less, I think. But i wasn't sure what would be the absolute best time :) but now I know for sure, thank you!
  5. Anymore ideas?

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