moving coop & run trama


7 Years
Mar 21, 2012
So finally the coop is finished and we were able to connect the run where the chickens (six 11 weeks old) have been sleeping) with the coop. The run had to be moved about 20 ft and because it is connected to the coop- it looks different. Different enough to scare the chickens to not want to go in. Poor things tried to roost in the trees etc because they were so tired.
I got all of them in except one- Pat (our gender nuetral chicken at this point). She is huge and very timid. It was a bear to catch her, but eventually I did. Got her in and then the panic began for 1/2 because they couldn't figure out the roost. Right now all are sleeping and roosting, although not in their new coop still in the run I'm not fighting that battle tonight- and it's raining.
Should I leave them in there all day tomorrow? They free range all during the day on a acre and a 1/2 wooded property and I'm afraid they might get bored in the coop/run and have more trama and begin fighting- but fighting to get them in again is not on my top 10 either. The run with under coop space is 16x4 with a coop area of 8x4x5 (it sits on an underneath run).

Den in Penn

8 Years
Dec 15, 2011
SE Pa.
Leave them in for a few days so they come to think of if as home. They may not like to be cooped but they have to get used to the new set up.

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