Moving Day - We Are Big Ducks Now


8 Years
First the back story; The ducklings came home from Ideal on March 7th. OldGal and I decided that we would move them out with the cluckers at the end of May. We wanted them big enough to defend themselves in case of problems.

About 3 weeks ago we brought Sunsinger, who had been living with the chickens into the grow out pen to start the integration. Sunsinger is about 6 months older and has been laying. Of course, she quit laying with the relocation.

Last Friday, May 25th we both commented that it was getting difficult to tell Sunsinger from the rest at first glance and decided that they were big enough to go out into the run with the chickens. We moved them and sat down to watch. There were no problems. For some reason I can't embed the one minute video. You can see it here:

The next day Sunsinger started laying again.
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Ah, the next stage of life together! Yay!

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