Moving eggs from one incubator to another

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    The mods moved my thread from here to chicken stories. Maybe it was not relevant, but I think it was.

    I will try to incubate some eggs from the fridge, well right now they are moved to the counter and I am turning them.

    I will get a Hova bator within a week possibly, but could go to Tractor supply tomorrow and get an incubator, whatever they sell.

    Should I start incubating right away in "any" incubator, or wait till Hova gets here? We are talking some 4-5 day old eggs that were sitting in the fridge and now on the counter, at 80F in the room.

    Thank you in advance. This is very important.
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    I would not switch incubators if you go to get the new one from TSC - a week will be pushing those eggs chances... if you get another bator use it the whole hatch.
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    i am using two incubators...... When one has a problem I move them all to the other one while I am working on dealing the issues with one bator....

    I know that the more you handle the eggs the more they can be damaged or dropped and it is always best to leave them be. But I have actually had pretty good hatches even after disasters or power outages.

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