Moving from Outdoor to Indoor?

Lilac Ginata

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6 Years
Jun 11, 2013
This may be the wrong thread but I have 4 chickens who live at my friends farm with his 10 chickens. My friend is talking about selling his small farm meaning my girls would have to go. I would hate to get rid of all of my sweet girls and would like to keep at least one. But she would have to be moved inside my townhouse in a large rabbit hutch. Has anyone else every raised a pet chicken indoors? Which of my 4 girls would be best suited for indoor life? I have a speckled sussex who is very very smart, a red sex link about to start laying, and two welsummer pullets still very young. Thank you so much for any input!
I have no clue if they can be kept inside but I do know that they are flock creatures meaning you need at least 3 for their mental health. You said you have a townhouse, can you allow them to go outside in a pen of some sort for an hour a day?

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