Moving Mama & Baby chicks


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Apr 23, 2013
Sunday we discovered that we have at least 2 mamas with newly hatched baby chicks. 1 of the mamas is about 4 ft. in a box and we are wanting to know when we can move her & the bay to a safer nest. Also, we have a smaller chicken tractor, can we put both mamas & their babies in the same tractor or should they go in separate spaces?
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Feb 18, 2011
If all the eggs have hatched you can do it at any time, if the moms are not used to being handled you probably want to do it at night. Usually the broodys will get off the nest and start taking the chicks around about two days after the first ones hatch anyhow so they will probably be leaving the nests soon if they already had chicks on Sunday.
Unless the mothers have brooded together and you know they get along, you probably want to keep them separate. Some broodys are really territorial and will really fight and may even kill strange chicks.

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