Moving mamma and babies out of the coop during the day and back in at night?

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Jul 29, 2016
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Okay. So I've hatched babies in my coop before and they stay in until I think 3 weeks. But it's hot right now like 90s and hitting almost 3 digits. I've got three hens. One hen, Ash, has 3 babies and Ash says she is done hatching. So I had to give her eggs to Tinkerbell. Ash is fluffing about with the babies and so on. I think she even pushed one out of the coop and tried to get the other babies out.

Tinkerbell and Jasmine have been sharing egg hatching and baby duties. They currently have 4 between them hatched and Tinkerbell insists on sitting on the other 7. But I'm worried about Jasmine and Ash. They're silkies and Jasmine has a ton of feathers and I know she is heating up. Her poop is green and I really don't want to lose her. I got her out for a bit to eat watermelon and walk about.

So I'm thinking of putting Jasmine and Ash with their babies in the run during the day in a nice grassy shady area in the lawn. Then at night putting them back in the coop. While letting Tinkerbell finishes hatching. Is this okay? Any advice would be great!

Normally when I hatch eggs it's winter, spring or fall and I don't have to worry about an over heated coop. Is it okay to move baby and hens back and forth? They're pretty chill with me as I hand feed them and the babies and give pet-pets. So I thought a moving them wouldn't be too much of a shock, but it's getting hotter here and the 3 digit weeks are coming.

Ive done similiar as you are contemplating, for the same reason. (extreme summer heat)

What ive done to make the process much easier for Me is I give mama and her chicks a plastic pet crate as their own private nest box to sleep in. At dusk they all go inside the crate to sleep, & i can easily transport them to their "night spot." In the morning same thing in reverse, but you have to be prepared to make the move before mom and chicks exit their sleeping crate at dawn. Thats not been an issue for me, since i also wanted to be out early to avoid the daytime heat.

You may get ideas you like better than mine, or may think up your own plan that works best for you. But yes, in a nutshell i think your idea is workable. Good luck with your broodies and all their cute chicks.
Ah! Thank you! That's a great idea. I'll think of something. Transport. The sun rises so early in the morning. I'm up at 6 am, but any earlier and I'm cutting into precious sleep time. And I do like to get them in before dark cause it's too late at night when the sun goes down, I'm getting in bed! Long summer days! Then the predators too.

I'm just glad others have done it. Ash is getting so bored, and I worry about Jasmine.

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