Moving muscovys

I have had a muscovy hen who would set on any eggs that I moved her to, that was nice because I could move her around the coop or to another building if I needed to. The hen I have now will do anything to return to the original nest site if she is moved. Once she gets back to the original site she sets the ground... just sits there on the ground and incubates nothing. It is impossible for me to move this hen :( Also, my first muscovy ducks I got were both adult hens, I brought them home and one of them escaped and flew off, the original owner called me a half an hour later and asked me why his duck was back at his coop... He only lived 5 miles down the road but still, that hen trucked it all the way back there! I'm not sure what would happen if you moved your hen... I would say make sure she can not fly back to the original house, also be prepared to incubate and brood the eggs if she rejects them.

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