Moving Out (Pictures)


11 Years
Oct 21, 2009
Oregon Rain Forest
My Young EE girls are moving out of their indoor starter home to their very own chicken tractor home. Thought I'd share their pictures.

They grew up in a rubbermaid tote, worked well but they grow quick and they were stinking up the place. I had 5 chick's that hatched with these guys, but only kept these two.

Found this nice new home on Craiglist..I hope they like it.


I put them next door to where my big girls live.

When they get older they will be able to spend time free ranging, but for now they are getting use to the new digs.
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I wish yo had posted this earlier. I just Built a "hospital" coop for hurt chickens and new chicks. It is the same design but the indoor part is on the ground. that one seem much safer and won't rot as much or as fast. Good job picking it out.
We just got it yesterday. I've been wondering all day what's the best way to seal the wood of our coops/runs to help preserve the wood so we can get as many years possible out of them. I only plan on keeping a few (3) banties in it, but I sure want it to last, we get lot's of rain here.

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