Moving Rabbit from Indoors to Outdoors

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    Apr 21, 2017
    Hi all,

    I have a rabbit that I adopted from a shelter and have kept indoors for about a year and a half around 70 degrees. I'd like to start keeping the rabbit outdoors where he can have more space to run and play but I live in an apartment without a backyard, so I am thinking of giving the rabbit to my mom who has a backyard. However, the temp outside can get into the 100s in the summer - there is plenty of shade for him to sit in and we have a patio, but I'm worried it will get too hot for him. Any advice? Can an indoor rabbit readjust to living outside in warmer temperatures?

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    I think it may be possible for an indoor rabbit to transition to outdoor living, but it would need to be a gradual introduction so the rabbit has a chance to become acclimated to the change in temperature; the rabbit should, ideally, start living outside when the temperature is similar to his indoor environment so he can adjust when it becomes hotter.

    Temperatures in the 100s are dangerous to domestic rabbits. These articles discuss ways to identify if a rabbit is showing signs of overheating and ways to try to keep them comfortable in the heat:, Note that Rise and Shine Rabbitry states that the optimal temperature range for rabbits is 50-70 degrees.

    A rabbit living outdoors in very hot weather will need good airflow/ventilation/breezes, plenty of cool water to drink, lots of shade, and something to help cool it off (like the frozen water bottles). I've known experienced rabbit keepers who have had outdoor-only rabbits die in the heat of summer, so special measures are essential when it's hot outside. If won't be possible to ensure that your rabbit's comfort will be monitored closely during hot weather, IMO, it would be safer for him to remain an indoor rabbit.

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