Moving Sale All Chickens Must go (Key Peninsula Washington state)

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    Dear fellow BYCers,

    We are moving out of state and we can't take our beloved chicken pets with us. Please come and buy them.

    They are all pure breeds, acquired as hatching eggs for my Poultry hobby and they were hatched in our home in Jan - Mar 2011, so they are all within one year old. (Several are 2 years old from last year's batch but I can point these out to you).

    Our Chicken Sale is on Sat and Sunday 19th, 20th November (upcoming weekend). You can email me for our address and to indicate your choice of breed of chickens. I will not hold the chickens for you because this will be on a first come first serve basis. We really need to sell ALL our chickens as there will be nobody here to take care of them, and I will need to sell all, or process the rest for food.

    Our chickens free range completely on 1.5 acres, they are spoilt with a heat lamp in their coop, and are given the best Layers Purina Feed or Excel Feed. In addition, we give them kitchen scraps, scratch, boiled eggs, greens, squash, fruit, and corn. We really love our chickens and see them as pets, we love to eat their fresh eggs too. They have been de-wormed in March this year.

    We have about 20 something chickens right now, and there are some cockerels and pullets. The breeds include

    - Double Laced Barnevelder (pullet) Breeder quality $15 (From Christina Ledford eggs)
    - Blue Laced Red Wyandotte (cockerel) Breeder quality $5
    - Bantam Blue Cochin (hen) Breeder quality $15 (bought as pullet from Sheryl Butler of Creekside stables)
    - Bantam Splash Cochin (hen) Breeder quality $15 (bought as pullet from Sheryl Butler of Creekside stables)
    - Standard Silver Laced Cochin (cockerels and pullets) $10 each pullet $1 each cockerel
    - Standard Black Cochin (pullets) $15 each
    - Standard Light Brahmas (pullets and cockerels) Breeder quality $15 each pullet $5 each cockerel
    - Standard Blue Cochin (pullets) $15 each
    - Barred Rock (pullet) $5
    - Standard Lemon Blue Cochin (cockerel) $15 (very outstanding beautiful boy)
    - Partridge Silkie (pullet) Breeder quality $15
    - Bantam White Cochin (hen) $5
    - Bantam Blue Cochin (roosters) $5

    Photos of our chickens can be seen here. Please copy and paste in a new viewer screen.

    Please email me if you are interested to learn more about our chickens and if you are very serious about buying them. Whether you choose to keep them as pets, or egg producers, or breeding birds is up to you. You can process them for food as they are healthy and organic. No Prank emails please. Please bring your own box when you come to pick out your new chicken pets. If you buy 3 or more chickens, we are willing to provide you with discounts.

    Thank you for reading our post.


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