Moving shipped eggs to a broody mid-incubation

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    This is my first set of shipped eggs and it hasn't gone so well :(. I set 3.5 dozen (five of mine including some fridge eggs) and I'm down to this on day 8 AND FIVE ARE MINE :(
    I HATE running the bator for this small a hatch and am considering giving these to a broody. I did quite a few searches and did see a few people mention that eggs half baked in an upright position SHOULD NOT be moved horizontal/under a broody. Any thoughts? I'd REALLY like to get these out of the bator SO I CAN BUY MORE EGGS!!! :)

    If it matters, all the air cells seem reattached. The small cream egg closest to me, in the second row from the left, has the only saddle cell. I've also included pics of the largest (a shipped AM egg) and the smallest (one of my Marans eggs) air cell. The difference has me worried!
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    Just random thoughts based on working with my broodies and dealing with shipped eggs ... You didn't mention if your broody is a tried and true broody ... as in What's her success rate? Although, I still wouldn't put shipped eggs under any of my broodies, but then I have a couple of incubators and have enough space. Shipped eggs that I've gotten are so messed up that I'd never risk them under a broody because I think I can better care of them for hatching than a broody can, even though I've had some broodies with 100% hatch rates on eggs from home. Can you buy an additional incubator?

    I have run staggered hatches in incubators before ... you know, where you put another batch of hatching eggs in and run two batches at the same time. I just let the let the turner run until the first pip and then just turn it off for the hatch, but no more than 24 hours. I also raise the humidity immediately to 70% by putting in wet paper towels where ever they will fit. I know this is all against the "rules," but you do what you've gotta do. I've had good luck. But my home has a different "weather pattern" than yours and everyone else's. I suspect you'd get lots of info on staggered hatches if you did a search on that.

    On the tilt of shipped eggs. I incubated one batch of shipped eggs where only two weren't scrambled beyond recognition. They both started out upright in an Octagon, but one slowly slipped onto its side with the continual rocking of the incubator. It is the one of the two that hatched. He was a rooster. I still have him after 3 years. You really just never know. All my other hatches of shipped eggs were upright.

    I haven't order shipped eggs since then. Not worth the effort or waste of money -- for me right now. Who knows what the future holds?

    I hope to hear good news from your hatch

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