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I am going to try to move my chicks from the brooder side to the coop side today. The coop has an inside room and an outside screened-in part. I was reading somewhere and it said something about making sure the area was "clean" before they were introduced. THe outside part has lots of rocks in it on the ground. Will this be OK or what is the thinking here?
Clean means if you had chickens in there before, you should sterilize the coop. Most people wash it down with a weak bleach solution. It has nothing to do with rocks or dirt but more to do with possible diseases. If you have not had chickens in there, you have no need to sterilize.

Hope this answers your question?
Well, that is also important information because there were chickens in there...albeit 10 years ago. Here is what I was talking about. It is literature from the hatchery.

After 4 weeks: 8.Birds can range outside on warm, sunny days, but only if clean range is available.
I don't know what they mean by clean range in those terms. Maybe pesticide free? Chicks eat dirt and such. It is good for them. They love dust baths in dirt.

If no other chickens have ben there for ten years, you do not need to sanitize it. Diseases and parasites will not last that long without a host.
The only thing living in there the last couple of years has been goats....and they only slept there. Thanks for the answers. I guess I'll just try to make sure it looks safe. I'm not sure what else to do.

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