Moving to Rochester, NY with chickens

Julie M.

Jun 1, 2017
Hi everyone! It is very likely my husband is going to be offered a job up in Rochester, and if so we are going to be making the move from TN to NY along with our 5 hens. They are my girls and I won't give them up. We have been reading up on getting a license to keep them if we find a place in the City of Rochester. However, I really wanted to touch base with people who already have chickens in Rochester to see if you have had any issues or have any recommendations. I have read comments about having issues with neighbors and licenses but they were a few years back, so I didn't know if things are still the same.

Thank you so much for any feedback or tips you can provide on your experiences.

Benevolent Barn

In the Brooder
Apr 22, 2017
Alright, I have WAY to much experience finding permit information. Right now I am trying to get a permit to raise swans. Anyway I looked into your case and you can raise chickens! There are several guidelines. First you must get a lisence from the Chief of Police at a cost of $37. It also must be twenty five feet a way from a place were people live (do not worry if it is five or ten feet less- talk to the chief about that). It is also subject to inspection at the chief's command. They also must have at least four square feet in the coop and four square feet in the run per bird.

Welcome to BYC,

Here is where I found my information:

I am so happy for you, best of luck.

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