Moving to Rossmoor in Los Alamitos in CA, Chicken Laws??


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Hi You a'll

I a moving from Long Beach CA to Rossmoor in Los Alamitos in CA.

My new house and lot will be great for my girls and maybe even more with the added footage.

But, I can not find anything on the chicken laws even if I can have them?

I was always stealth in Los Altos area in Long Beach for no hassles but I am moving the the OC which can usually be more strickt and then you have the NEW NEIGHBOR thing, since I had no issues at all but lived in my house now for 10 years.

I will be moving in three weeks ad no matter what my ladies are going wth me, but would be nice to not be as stealth and sneaky.

Please any help would be great.

I just found this, makes me so darn mad!!!

6.20.010 Fowl.
No person shall have, keep, maintain or have in possession or under control any live fowl within the city. “Live fowl” means and includes male and female chicken, duck, goose, seafowl, peacock, turkey and pheasant. (Ord. 647 § 3 (part), 2001)

But. they allow rabbits???

6.20.020 Rabbits—Number restricted.
No person shall keep or maintain more than a total of five rabbits on any lot or parcel of land within the city. (Ord. 647 § 3 (part), 2001)

So, it is back to stealth Chicken owner, I was so hoping to have 6 chickens, but with the law I will stay with my teo ladies.

Long Beach at least let you have chickens with certain rules, looks like Los Alamitos does not allow anything PERIOD!
Hi there,
I just moved to rossmoor also. I was wondering if u r here and have ur chic's. i want to do the same thing but am scared to get caught, in case they there is a fine.
let me know if u r doing it successfully. i dont mind doing it if the only thing that happens is u have to get rid of them, but i cant afford to pay a fine.
I know people that live in "fancy" palisades and they have chickens. I wonder what the big deal is here?

Rossmoor is tuff about everything. I believe they were the first to install camera lights in all of Orange county.
They must be the training ground for all the Hard Nose cops that I have in Fullerton. Even after the horrible
killing of the homeless mentally ill man they still have not backed off.

The homeless in Fullerton has moved on! Note: I have never seen a homeless person in Rossmoor! But there is good and bad
with heavy handed cities.

Good luck with the Chickens, I would make nice-nice with the neighbors they are who will turn you in.
I wouldnt go running around offerring fresh layed eggs to your neighbors until you have a sit down with them!

I really want to get a chicken or two and am also in Rossmoor. I was looking up the back yard chicken laws and saw your post.
I am a vegan and would really love an omelette, but I am absolutely opposed to chicken suffering, so tofu scramble it is!

It's conceivable that we could change the ordinance in Los Alamitos, as many cities are loosening up. I would love to see your chickens and do you have enough eggs to
consider selling a couple every once in a while? You can go to my website and contact me that way, so we you can continue to remain underground.

Back Yard Chicken supporter
Rossmoor is not the same as Los Alamitos. I am trying to find the laws for Rossmoor also, but we need to find the ordinance for unincorporated Orange County.

Let me know if you find that ordinance!

a friend was looking into chickens in another city, I believe Fresno, CA, and "officially" the city ordinances state,
Are farm animals permitted within the City?
Farm animals such as rabbits, ducks, chickens, pigs, goats, sheep, cows, and horses are not permitted in residentially zoned districts. Call 621-8400."
But if you search here, and on Google, it appears there are MANY people who have chickens. I'm not sure how, or if this is just one of those soft calls? Anyways.. I don't know if it's a deal breaker or not.
I don't have chickens, but like the idea. I live in Rossmoor also, and another concern I'd have in this area are all the coyotes.
Good luck
I just moved to Rossmoor from Long Beach. The irony is that I had to give away my hens in Long beach when a neighbor reported me and then I moved. The week I sold my house I got word that the Long Beach law was changing finally! Now I'm in Rossmoor and I really want to get a couple of chickens again. I would love to speak with my underground neighbors that have chickens here in Rossmoor to see if it is working out for them.

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